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see virtual/recent buffers when switching with fido

I've switched from ido to fido and I'm missing the feature of being able to open recently closed buffers that ido-mode provided with ido-use-virtual-buffers. I spent a lot of time searching for how to ...
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Is there a way to check if a symbol is a built-in variable?

This is how you check if an object is a built-in function: (subrp (symbol-function 'assoc)) => t Is there an equivalent way to do this for variables as well?
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where to find a list of all the builtin functions that have been implemented in C?

Is there a list somewhere or a command that can be run to output all the functions that have been implemented in C?
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How to remove the remaining commands of removed built-in packages?

I've read here that you can delete the built-in packages from emacs at /usr/share/emacs/25.2/lisp in order to get rid of their commands which may clutter the minibuffer every time you want to execute ...
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Find and replace a text among the files of a project

How can I do a "find and replace a string" in the files of a project? Is there a standard, built-in way?
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Is Emacs using a TAGS file to locate built-in definitions?

Out of the box, my emacs build can jump to elisp function definitions. For example, I start emacs with no init file, type copy-to-buffer in the scratch buffer, hit M-., and it opens up simple.el.gz ...
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Recover a built-in function that I accidentally unbound

I accidentally unbound a built-in function (a subr) from its usual symbol. Is there a generic way to recover it? Of course I could save my buffers and my session, exit Emacs and start another ...
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How do I change behaviour of eshell/rm (rm in eshell) tab completion?

Qestion: Is there a way to make eshell/rm (especially) either display a completion buffer even for few files or remove the . and .. entries for eshell/rm. Background (and some ranting): So I learned ...
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how to quit describe-key function?

I forgot what a key is bound to, so I decided to run C-h k <my key binding> But after pressing C-h k, I've remembered about that key binding and decided to quit. So I pressed C-g. Instead of ...