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0 answers

How to declare a version of a local copy of existing package

Is it possible to identify the package version of a local copy/clone/fork of a Elpa supported existing package? Problem Scenario: A Elpa supported package (lets called it package-foo) hosted on some ...
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Downgrading Emacs in Fedora via 'dnf'

My problems with emacs 26-1 are discussed at this link : Emacs 26-1 Problems : find-file and neotree The following link discusses using dnf to installing a previous version of a package: https://unix....
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Probe emacs version from within a .emacs file?

I want to have a single .emacs file, under version control. Unfortunately, different systems have different versions of Emacs running. How do I detect the Emacs version from within Elisp?
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Is there a package to search in history of changes?

While editing files, time to time I regret deleting some redundant parts which afterwards become necessary. Let's say you are writing a letter and first you explained your thoughts with redundantly ...
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1 answer

Ensuring a minimum version with use-package

In my .emacs, I would like to ensure that the s package, version 1.10.0 or newer, is installed. If I use (use-package s :ensure t) it will not upgrade the installation on systems with older versions ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Older versions of manuals

Emacs manuals (such as the Emacs Lisp Reference Manual are provided at a .../emacs/manual/<manual-name>.html URL. Surprisingly, the version number that the manual applies to is not part of the ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Best way to support obsolete variables

Emacs 25.1 obsoletes a variable isearch-word and recommends to use the new isearch-regexp-function instead. Because Emacs 24 does not have the new variable, I can't just replace it like: (if isearch-...
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