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When you use describe-function search for map\!


A very interesting question! By quickly doing a grep, I found that the splash buffer is created by the fancy-startup-screen function (refer to startup.el), it will create the *GNU Emacs* buffer, and then insert the splash image and text content. Want to find out the path of the splash image? By inspecting the code, you will find the image name by evaluating ...


If you can't put your cursor on a character that has the face (which I'm guessing is the case for a Company popup menu), then use M-x list-faces-display. That shows you all of the currently defined faces - what they look like - with links to customizing them. You can usually tell by the appearance of a face and looking for its name (e.g. company- something) ...


A couple of alternative ways to find out: Use C-h m to see a description of the major mode. It may mention the keymap variable (e.g. pdf-tools-mode-map) or key bindings in it. If it mentions only bindings (not the keymap variable), use C-h k followed by one of those bindings. The *Help* buffer will tell you the name of the keymap (the variable name) ...

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