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Org itself brings such a feature, which you could expand. You have to setup your org-mode a bit, because this keymap is auto-generated on every call to the function. Also you need to disable the auto isearch feature to navitage. see following source: (setq org-goto-auto-isearch nil) (advice-add 'org-goto-map :after (lambda () ...


There is the worf package by abo-abo that does something like this.


You can use interactive to select a buffer, get-buffer-window to find the window showing that buffer, and select-window to switch to that window: (defun open-window-by-buffer (buffer) (interactive "bBuffer: ") (select-window (get-buffer-window buffer) nil)) I love ido-mode for selecting things like open buffers, so here's a solution using that:...

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