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The customization I want is: (custom-set-variables '(one-buffer-one-frame-mode nil nil (aquamacs-frame-setup))) Instead of: (one-buffer-one-frame-mode t nil (aquamacs-frame-setup)))


C-h v pop-up-frames tells you this. It should get you much of the way there. pop-up-frames is a variable defined in window.el. Its value is t Original value was nil Documentation: Whether `display-buffer' should make a separate frame. If nil, never make a separate frame. If the value is graphic-only, make a separate frame ...


My suggestion would be to specify that *Help* and *info* buffers be special-display buffers. You can customize option special-display-buffer-names, to specify that these buffers should be shown in their own frames at specific screen locations. You can also use option special-display-regexps, to handle multiple buffers *info*, *info<2>*,... Simple ...

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