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Set your grep command to a cons cell whose car is the string you are now using, and whose cadr is the character index where you want the cursor. e.g. (“grep command” . 5)


Emacs supports binding the Mac modifier keys to different internal keys depending on what kind of key event they’re used to trigger: The value of each variable is either a symbol, describing the key for any purpose, or a list of the form (:ordinary symbol :function symbol :mouse symbol), which describes the modifier when used with ordinary keys, function ...


Since cursor-type is a buffer-local variable, if you use setf (or setq) you only change its value in the temporary buffer used while reading the init file (ref.). When a variable's doc string says "Automatically becomes buffer-local when set" it means you have to use setq-default to change it. This works for me (setq-default cursor-type '(bar . 4)) ...


This is an old question but I ran to this issue just today, in Debian 10. Terminals used are Konsole in Debian on the metal and wsltty in WSL. For me setting visible-cursor variable to nil worked. The cursor stopped blinking in terminal Emacs. Outside of Emacs, the cursor was not blinking anyway since that's what I had configured. blink-cursor-mode was off ...

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