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change default action of opening multiple files in dired

Spacemace Config Based on the awesome solution by @John Kitchin, I implemented in spacemacs at the user-config function. You can use one of the two functions below depending on your preference. Using ...
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How to overwrite protected files in dired

I can reproduce the problem with Emacs 28.3 / Tramp 2.5.4-pre. Running the very same recipe with Emacs 29.0.90 / Tramp works as expected. Emacs 29.1 is in pretest. So I recommend for the ...
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Is there a table of Evil keys for Dired?

I found it more helpful to approach this the other way around - what are the conflicts between Evil and Dired? If we with Dired buffers in Evil's motion state (you can get this to be the default with (...
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