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Add (add-hook 'csv-mode-hook 'csv-align-mode) to ~/.emacs and it works. Note: It's csv, not tsv, even though editing .tsv files. My skills don't yet suffice to make it in .dir-locals.el.


reposition-window calls beginning-of-defun to compute the window boundaries. So you get an infinite recursion when calling reposition-window from c-beginning-of-defun. You can add the following guard for avoiding that recursion: (defvar c-beginning-of-defun-after-hook nil "Functions to be run after `c-beginning-of-defun'.") (advice-add 'c-...


I have no clue why yours didn't work, maybe use-package is not correctly identifying that it should attach to the 'org-mode-hook. However, I managed to add my own hook to enable visual-line-mode, in the other alternative way documented to insert hooks: (use-package org ;; Specify my hook to add to org-mode-hook (remove the -hook suffix): :hook (org-mode . (...

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