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flake8 does not have a plugin for pylint. It uses pyflakes: → flake8 --version 3.8.4 (mccabe: 0.6.1, pycodestyle: 2.6.0, pyflakes: 2.2.0) CPython 3.8.6 on Linux There is currently no way to set the indent size in flake8 or pyflakes I have written a pylint backend function for flymake function which may also meet your needs:


Edit: I remember having this issue once. Turn out my flycheck-flake8rc value is ".flake8rc", not ".flake8". Not sure if this applies to you. Original: According to the OP, you are using flake8 as your checker, but you are setting .pylintrc which is the config file for pylint. I've never used pylint, so I might be wrong about this one. ...


The syntax highlighting of a file is determined by what mode or modes are active. The most common way to choose what mode to activate is based on the file name extension. python-mode will be activated for .py files, c-mode for .c files, html-mode for .html files, and so on. sh-mode is the mode that provides syntax highlighting for shell scripts, and it is ...

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