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Try compilation-scroll-output. Just came across it in: Automatically scroll *compilation* window, beside source-buffer window. Only works for compilation buffers obviously.


(defun example-one (&optional shell-name) "Example where `current-prefix-arg' is hard-coded to be non-nil." (interactive) (let ((current-prefix-arg t) (shell-name (or shell-name (read-string "Shell Name: ")))) (shell shell-name))) (defun example-two (&optional shell-name) "Example where the user has the ...


You can manually toggle which features Emacs will apply to your file via M-x sh-set-shell: pick /bin/sh to get the variant you prefer. You can set this automatically for a file by adding the following code at the end of the file: # Local Variables: # sh-shell: sh # End: To illustrate, with this file: #!/bin/bash alper=$(gdrive list --query "'$id' in ...

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